The Gear You Need to Become a Professional DJ

So, you want to be a DJ. Maybe you dream of partying with hip people until the wee hours of the morning or you just want to show off your skills at your friend’s next house party. Whatever the case may be, your first step is to invest in some quality DJ equipment. You can start out by using some free software on your computer, but the tricks you’ll dish out as a DJ are going to be severely limited. You basically have three options when it comes to DJ equipment: a controller, a turntable, or a CDJ. While some of these options cost more than others, your decision should be based on how and where you plan on showing off your skills. You can also save money by looking for used music equipment online. Learn how to find the best DJ equipment package for your unique situation.

DJ Controllers for Getting Started

The cheapest option is to get a DJ controller. It’s a massive upgrade compared to a computer or a laptop. You’ll have a range of knobs and levers that give you more control over the beats, including distortions, loops, sound effects and more. It also features a USB input, so you can bring in tracks from a variety of sources. This is a great choice if you’re just starting out as a professional DJ and you plan on refining your skills at house parties, indie shows, or amateur dance parties. Compared to the professionals, a DJ controller might put you at a disadvantage. Controllers are still fairly limited when it comes to reinventing your favorite music tracks. Despite some restrictions, a controller is a great place to start.

Turntables for that Classic Feel

If you’re looking for that authentic DJ experience like the one your father had back in his day, you need a turntable. There’s no piece of equipment in the world that can match the feeling of putting your hand on an actual record and physically moving the song forward and back. Turntables tend to be a bit more expensive than DJ controllers, but they’re well worth the investment if you’re a purist at heart. They’re perfect for mixing and matching different beats with a personal touch. The controls and censors of DJ controllers can come off as rather robotic and lifeless. The big downside to turntables is their lack of portability. Lugging your turntable from venue to venue will get on your nerves, but it also gives you a reason to go perusing for priceless gems at your local record shop.

CDJ’s for Superior Performance

The most expensive and popular option among the professionals is the CDJ. This intricate piece of equipment lets you do just about anything you can think of to your favorite song. You can store digital files on the device itself and queue up other tracks using the jog wheels. The LCD screen lets you set cue points and monitor track information, including the frequency, tempo, and so much more. Simply put, CDJ’s have become the gold standard in the world of professional DJing.

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