Frequently Asked Questions

You may find answers to general questions here. There are video tutorials that you may find helpful as well. Please note that you will find just about all you need inside of your dash board or using the gear icon on the top right section of the site when logged in.

Vendor / Seller

What commissions do vendors pay?

Vendors will pay a 3% commission to WMT on any sale made (excludes services category) + financial transaction fee for processing your sale.

How much is it to register on WMT?

Registering to be a vendor / Seller on WMT is free.

What is the difference between a Vendor and Seller?

Think of it like this. A Vendor profile is the store where you buy the product. The Seller profile is the owner of the store.

How does shipping work?

Vendors can choose to offer shipping internationally, domestically or both.  In your dashboard area under settings tab you will find where to manage these options. You can also override these settings on a per product basis.

You can set flat rates for domestic and internationally or set a per item price in your dashboard area as well.

Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to connect your stores to third party shippers such as UPS, FED EX or USP for exact shipping rates based on addresses.

Printable packing slips area available under the order management section of your dashboard area.  Shipping labels are not an option at this time.

Can I customize my Vendor/Seller profiles?

Yes. You may upload profile avatars or logos for both your Seller and Vendor profiles as we as upload a background image for the top section of your Vendor page.

  • The ideal size for the header background images are landscape (1900px x 290px)
  • Profile Avatar / Logos should be Square (1 to 1)

If you have a Gravatar already it will be uploaded automatically, but you can change it at any time.

Where do I go to access forums and groups?

On the top right of the menu once logged in you can mouse of the icon in the right corner that looks like a gear. There you will be able to access many different area of the website, including your own profile options.

Can I use my PayPal Account?

No. In order to provide you better fees and commissions than any other marketplace out there, we are not using PayPal. Instead we use Stripe. You can easily create and connect to Stripe using the Stripe Connect button located in your dashboard under settings.

How do I connect to Stripe?

After you create your new WMT account and click on the activation email that we send, you will need to login. Once logged in click on the Dashboard  tab. Then click on the Settings tab located  in the middle of your dashboard. Under there you will find the Payments tab.  Click on the Stripe Connect (blue) button to create and connect your account. You have to fill out the application and enter your account details. Once done just submit and you’ll be returned to your dashboard.

How do I get my customer their tracking information?

Once you have your tracking number from your shipping company you can simply go to the orders section of your dashboard. Click on orders and mouse over the order you want to modify. You will see a number of options display. Click on the option that says Tracking Number and simply choose your shipper and enter the number. Once you submit this a notice will be sent to your customer with the details. After that you can click the button that says Mark As Shipped to complete the order.

What is a variable product and how is one created?

A variable product is any product that gives the customer options when buying it. An example would be clothing. A shirt for instance can come in multiple sizes or colors. When you see a product that has drop down options, that would be a variable product.

Creating one is fairly easy. We have made a video tutorial to demonstrate the process. We also recommend that you check out YouTube for tutorials on this or anything related to the WooCommerce product and shopping cart that is used.

How do I refund a customer?

All refunds are handled/processed from within your Stripe account that you set up. Stripe provides an easy to use interface and your orders tab will be list on the left side once you login. Once you click on the order in question simply click the refund button displayed.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce platforms and is the standard solution for websites that use the WordPress platform.  When you are creating and managing product on your dashboard, it is all being done using WooCommerce. There are hundreds of online video tutorial and a tn of documentation for this platform that you may utilize if you have questions. We also supply some FAQs and video tutorials for some basic questions and set up.


How do I track my order?

Once our order is shipped and marked as completed you will receive a notice from your vendor that will include your shipper and tracking number. You can also find this information under the Orders tab when you log into your account.

How do I cancel my order?

Click the gear icon in the top right corner and go to the Orders page. If your order is still marked as Payment Pending you will see an option to cancel it. If there is not option to cancel the order that means the payment has already processed and you will have to contact the individual Seller(s) to request a cancel/refund.  If you can cancel from the Orders page you can only cancel the entire order and not individual line items within the order. 

Please note that all sellers/vendors have their own cancellation / refund policies.

How do I pay?

Credit Card. All vendors use Stripe, a worldwide credit card payment gateway similar to PayPal or  You do not have to have a Stripe account to order, just a valid credit/debit card.

What is the difference between a Vendor and Seller?

Think of it like this. A Vendor profile is the store where you buy the product. The Seller profile is the owner of the store.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely. All payment and personal information is secured under our SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) which is the highest and most trusted form of security for a website that accepts payments.

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium  is the certificate we use. You may review it here.

Ordering from multiple vendors

It is possible to order from more than one vendor in a single order. If you do this and need to cancel for example, you must reach out to the individual vendor for cancellation and any refund for their product(s).

Please note that all vendors will have their own policies regarding cancellations, refunds, etc.