eBay has created a platform where it’s easy for both buyers and sellers to buy and market their goods online. However, the auctioning site has drawn criticism over the years for continually increasing their own sales commissions. Although eBay is facing tough competition from Amazon, they are still standing to this day. This proves that there’s still a loyal base across the world that still prefer conducting business on the platform. If you’ve wondered how you can increase eBay sales commissions, read on.

eBay Model

The eBay model seems easy to understand if you don’t dig deeper. What’s so hard to understand about listing an item, waiting for people to bid on it given a specified number of days or hours, and selling it to the person who bid the most? It’s quite simple, right? It’s a bit more complicated than that.

When you sell an item on eBay, be it a record or a musical instrument, you will have to pay them a certain amount of money called the insertion fee. On top of it all, you have to pay this so-called Final Value Fee which is taken from the actual sale of the item. In short, there’s a lot of fees to be thinking of when you sell through eBay.

That said, a number of people have definitely been able to increase eBay sales commissions just by selling their items on eBay. It’s certainly possible as long as you have items that are really sought after. For instance, this could mean old records that are no longer produced. Vinyl has made a comeback so maybe a few of your vinyl records could fetch a good price. Or maybe you have a beautiful vintage guitar you’d like to sell; that could get some bidders going.

Increase Commissions on Your Own

If you want to better increase eBay sales commissions, however, you might want to try a different avenue other than eBay. While that platform is great and it’s known the world over, the fees could ruin profits. This is where avenues like our company, World Music Trader, come in to provide solutions. Here, listing fees are no longer required and there’s only a flat rate of 3% commission on every item you sell. On eBay, the commission will depend on a number of factors including which category the product belongs to and what was its final sale price.

World Music Trader is an online hub for creative artists. These artists deserve to keep most of what they earn for something they produce. There are no hidden fees when doing business with us at World Music Trader and it’s not difficult at all to sign up for our services either.

A Better Alternative

The goal of World Music Trader is to give musicians a platform where they can increase eBay sales commissions. At the same time retain most of the profits while also setting their own prices and discounts. World Music Trader is a gathering place for not just musicians. WMT is also performers, buyers, vendors and other music industry professionals.

Music brings people together and everybody deserves to share their voice and songs. Even better, they deserve to earn most of the profits for gear they may be looking to sell. This is what World Music Trader is for: providing artists with a platform to continue chasing their dreams. We also want them to make a profit from gear they may no longer want.


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