Selling secondhand things online has become the norm nowadays; in fact, it has become a booming industry, and a lot of people are making a living from it. However, when it comes to selling musical instruments, many sellers are still hesitant to do it online. Many search for ‘how to sell my guitar on ebay’, while some think that no one is looking for these products on the web. Others believe that shipping these large items is not worth the hassle.

If you feel the same way, though, take note that selling your old instruments online can actually be beneficial. By taking this step, you’ll get to:

Reach out to a large audience

One of the best things about selling online is that you’ll get to promote your products to a large number of people. If you did do a search for ‘how to sell my guitar on ebay’ then you’d find many articles of those that have started online. This widens your geographical reach and allows you to advertise your musical instruments to people who live in different towns and cities and would otherwise not have known about what you have to sell. As a result, you’ll find it easier to locate an interested buyer and dispose of your old guitar or drum set.

Earn substantial profits

Whether you need the money or not, you can’t deny that you can make a profit by selling your old guitars and other instruments online. This is particularly true if you sell them through a website like World Music Trader that cares more about keeping its sellers happy and less about earning revenues.

Clear space in your room

Big musical instruments like guitars and drum sets take up a lot of space. By getting rid of instruments that you no longer really like and play, you can free up space in your room or home and make your place look neater and less cluttered. Instead of “how to sell my guitar on ebay”, consider selling with us at World Music Trader instead so you can clear up space at your place, and enjoy a larger profit from your sale.

How to Sell my Guitar on eBay

There are many online auction sites nowadays, but one of the more popular options is eBay. It has become popular over the years, which means many people visit it every day to look for both new and secondhand products, including musical instruments. So, by using eBay, you’re essentially advertising to hundreds and even thousands of people — some of which might be the right buyers for your products.

“But I don’t know how to sell my guitar on eBay!” you might say. Well, the good news is that it’s easy. You can start by signing up on eBay and create a seller account. Take note: you’ll need to take steps to confirm that the name, address, and phone number you’ve submitted are correct and complete your registration.

Once your account is up, you’ll need to set an automatic payment method, which can either be PayPal or your checking account. Doing this is important so you can automatically pay the eBay Money Back Guarantee as well as the site’s selling fees (e.g. insertion fees for when you make a listing for your product and final value fees for when you actually sell the product).

After setting your automatic payment method, it’s time to make listings of your musical instruments. Describe them in a clear and simple way, add a couple of high-resolution pictures, and give them a reasonable price. Make sure to reply to people who inquire about your products!


Selling musical instruments online isn’t difficult. Though we answered the “how to sell my guitar on ebay” question above, in posts to come we will go over a better option in selling musical instruments with us here at World Music Trader. Become a seller in a matter of minutes and enjoy better commissions on your sales than with a big site like eBay. You can find the right buyer for your old guitar (or other products) and earn better profits with us. There’s no need to search how to sell my guitar on eBay because we’ve put together a better option for selling your old guitar with us!


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